To mom, with love - south sea pearl pendant

To mom, with love

Celebrate the purest form of love with Jewelmer Joaillerie’s Mother and Child pendants collection.

Each pendant evokes the strongest bond of a mother and her child, captured through soft curves of 18-karat gold with diamonds. At the center are two golden South Sea pearls, as rare and beautiful as she is.

Jewelmer goes for the gold at Manila Polo Club’s 2016 Annual Horse Show

Jewelmer goes for the gold at Manila Polo Club’s 2016 Annual Horse Show

French-Filipino luxury brand Jewelmer Joaillerie sponsored the 51st Annual Horse Show at the Manila Polo Club, one of the country’s largest and most prestigious outdoor equestrian events in Philippines. The event was one of the most successful in its history, and was highly attended by members, guests, ambassadors and high-profile personalities. Spectators filled the terrace…

Petits Bonheurs - South Sea Pearl Necklace

Happiness is in the details

Jewelmer Joaillerie reminds us to revel in life’s simple pleasures with the Petits bonheurs collection. In time for the summer holidays, each pendant with the golden South Sea pearl is playfully adorned with 18-karat gold charms. A shady coconut tree, a pair of sunglasses and flip-flops, a sweet milkshake—delightful things that make our moments a…

Pearl Farm Safari

Pearl farm safari

International partners of Jewelmer Joaillerie discovered the world of the golden South Sea pearl when they visited the pearl farms in Southern Palawan on February 26, 2016. Retailers from North and South America, and Korea were given an in-depth look at how the French-Filipino luxury cultivates oysters and cultures pearls, while following an environmentally sustainable…

A love that lasts - Jewelmer Golden Pearl Necklace

A love that lasts

The most precious piece gives the grandest gesture. Celebrate love this Valentine’s Day in a collection that honors the most heartfelt emotion, Jewelmer Joaillerie’s Lettres d’Amour. Each poetic creation of Love and Amour gleams in 18-karat gold. Highlighting the rarest, golden South Sea pearl, its harmonious combination of finesse and modernity is a tribute to…

Every day essentials - Jewelmer Joaillerie

Every day essentials

Starting this January, French Filipino luxury brand Jewelmer Joaillerie offers you its classic golden pearl earrings with “My every day pearl”. Begin the year with a pair of pearl studs, an essential that completes every fashion ensemble. With the purchase of a pair of Jewelmer South Sea pearl studs, you will receive a leather earring…

Jan Auspicious 8

Pearls of possibility

To celebrate the start of the Chinese New Year, international luxury brand Jewelmer Joaillerie releases fortuitous emblems with the Auspicious eight collection. Discover a myriad of luck inspired by the living gem of the South Seas. The golden pearl is set in 18-karat yellow gold, protected by symbols that inspire eight talismans of promise and…